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Quantrium offers exciting opportunities for curious minds to work in an
intellectually stimulating environment.


Our junior team members work on complex problems, with guidance from mentors, and even get directly deployed on client projects. Team members are encouraged to work across different aspects of AI as well as across backend and cloud technology stacks, helping them evolve into well-rounded technical professionals. They work with Business colleagues to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.


Our hiring policies reflect our values of mutual respect, diversity and inclusion. They are designed to provide equal opportunity to candidates regardless of their demographic background, helping us attract and retain world-class talent.


Our flat organization encourages the free exchange of ideas, seamless collaboration as well as taking initiative and assuming responsibility. The commitment to sharing knowledge and collaborative problem solving is best exemplified by Quantrium Labs, where ideas are conceived and products incubated and where weekly meetups help colleagues stay connected, especially critical in a remote-work context.


Do you value ideas? If working on complex problems appeals to you, you’ll feel right at home with us.

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Thank you for your interest in working at Quantrium. The positions mentioned below are indicative of broad roles at Quantrium. Not all of these positions are roles for which we are currently hiring. If a position is not open, your application will be placed on file and considered when a corresponding need arises."

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