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Every day, millions of malicious attacks are launched on computer systems around the world. As the sophistication, frequency, and unpredictability of such attempts grow, security experts struggle to keep pace. The limitations of conventional firewalls and intrusion-prevention systems render counter-measures ineffective against rarer, until now unknown threats.

Quantrium’s cybersecurity solutions employ proven AI techniques to recognize patterns, anomalous data traffic, and other suspicious activities. While Big Data analysis of logs offers a holistic understanding, it is subject to tampering and fraud.

Scrutiny at the data-packet level can produce fine-grained, precise insights. Custom-developed ML models, as they learn the characteristics of potential vulnerabilities, help mount a bulletproof shield against zero-day attacks.

Designed by specialists in AI and software engineering, Quantrium’s solutions assure enterprise-class protection. They can also be integrated with existing event-reporting systems for end-to-end cybersecurity management.

Use Cases

Intrusion Detection

Anomaly-based detection through ML with feature- selection algorithms

Ransomware Prevention

Behavioral analytics-based identification of unexpected or abnormal activities in files or networks

Compliance Verification

Validation for GDPR, FISMA, and CMMC mandates; customizable for national, regional, or industry-specific regulations

Vulnerability and Penetration Analysis

Hardening of web apps, software tools, and appliances

Misuse Detection

Monitoring and blocking of unauthorized or fraudulent use; resource optimization

Control Automation

Resilience augmentation through automation of technical, operating, and management workflows

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