Intelligent Process Automation

with AI.

Rapidly evolving business requirements call for paradigm shifts in automation strategies. Organizations need to look beyond RPA and regular-expression-based approaches to tackle today’s challenges. Across industries, the imperative is to graduate to the next generation of intelligent process automation that employs data-driven techniques.

Quantrium’s process automation solutions are powered by advanced purpose-built AI and ML models.

The solutions facilitate streamlined, faster, and error-free workflows while improving organizational efficiency through automated decisioning.

A comprehensive understanding of the requirements ensures a robust solution architecture and trouble-free deployment. With its research capabilities, Quantrium harnesses established and emerging techniques, optimizing them to fulfill the objectives.

Use Cases

Loan Origination

Identification, classification, and analysis of data from multiple customer documents for creditworthiness evaluation

Employee Onboarding

Collation and authentication of candidate data for gig-economy, bulk recruitment needs

Insurance Claims Processing

Extraction of structured and unstructured data from claim forms and health records

Independent Company Verification

Third-party due diligence validation of prospective suppliers, distributors, and business partners

AI-powered Web Scraping

Scraping of data from public websites with dynamically varying content and structure

Background Verification

Categorical verification of identity and credentials for due diligence processes

Does your process automation realize the promise of AI?

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