Deep-tech to solve tough business problems.

What if ...

you could tease out hidden intelligence from text, voice and video data

connected devices could learn and adapt to changing conditions

ever-growing streams of data can translate into decisions and actions

... on the fly?

Imagine. Real AI.

Real AI, to us at Quantrium, represents the opportunity to help our clients improve their product quality, make better decisions faster, and be responsive to their customers, while making operating, and administrative processes more efficient. Most importantly, we help our clients go beyond operational excellence, and acquire a formidable strategic advantage.

We make the promise of AI a reality.


Quantrium Labs is a key enabler of our mission to apply deep-tech to solve tough business problems.

Here, young and curious Quantrium minds experiment with the latest models. Like transformers, for example. Grapple with and solve small but crucial problems that moves us a step closer to the Holy Grail of total document understanding. Or build one critical component that finds application in several problem spaces. Object tracking, automated code generation, and content summarization are among the key focus areas of our research.

Check out what’s brewing in Labs.

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The Quantrium Edge

Got a tough deep-tech problem? Call us. We love to solve problems. With elegant solutions.

No fluff. Just stuff. We work transparently with clients, keeping them posted about hits (mostly) and misses (on the odd occasion!). And get the job done.

Do better today than yesterday. We follow this simple rule every day, as we work toward our goal of excellence in deep-tech, software engineering and project delivery.

Partner with us. And get the competitive edge.