Bioinformatics and NGS

Genomics R&D
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Exact Sequence

Achieving success in genome research demands a high level of precision in sequence alignment tasks. Accurate analysis improves variant calling and identification of SNPs, enabling quicker results with fewer iterations. False positives or negatives are minimized, and biases reduced, with a substantial saving of cost and efforts.

Quantrium’s Bioinformatics platform is powered by patent-pending, Dynamic Programming-based algorithms.

Available for BigOmics, BWA, BOWTIE, GATK, and SamTools, the suite of tools offers new insights into the sequence being examined. Developed by specialists in Big Data and Cloud Computing, Quantrium’s groundbreaking innovations include support for 2D and 3D phylogeny plots for efficient evolutionary analysis and Biological Pattern Formation Algorithm (BPFA).

Use Cases

Clinical Practice

Personalized medicine and gene therapy, preventive screening of infants for genetic disorders

Drug Development

Structured and rational drug design for the development of effective and cheap pharmacological agents


Enhancement of the nutritional value of produce, seed quality enrichment, reinforcement of plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses


DNA reconstruction, determination of ancestry and phenotype, the study of monozygotic twins, identification of species, animals, or plants, microbiological examination

Environmental Science

Study of microbes and bacteria to clean up sewage, nuclear waste, or oil-spills, development of biofuels.

Veterinary Science

Improving the production of livestock and their health, development of species and disease-specific vaccines

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