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As the race to garner consumer mindshare intensifies, so does the need for CPG brands to reinvent their appeal, while also expanding their customer base. A top-notch product line may underpin their brand value, but sustained growth and market leadership call for disruptive production, distribution, and marketing strategies and most importantly, the delivery of a highly personalized customer experience.

AI technologies will catalyze transformational changes in retail and CPG organizations. NLP-powered analysis of market feedback helps product and packaging design innovations. Real-time demand forecasting prioritizes production and supply-chain activities, while data-backed logistics plans improve distribution efficiency.

Computer Vision models facilitate automatic inventory management and quality enhancement through the detection of defective products or lots.

Perhaps most important, at customer touchpoints, AI enhances the purchase experience and makes it personal with chatbots, interactive product-search recommendations, and virtual fitting-rooms. AI enabled customer profiling with image and video analytics can create opportunities to increase customer lifetime value.

By enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, AI technologies empower CPG brands to address changing customer needs while also making the experience very personal in an increasingly competitive, omni-channel world.


Hypermarket / Supermarket

Product locator with Computer Vision and speech analysis, personalized in-store promotions, visual analytics for queue management, surveillance, retail audits

Customer Intelligence

Customer behavior analysis through visual cues, neural networks-based recognition of purchase patterns, customer needs, and the impact of promotions, bundling of products to meet user-specific needs


Chatbot and multi-lingual virtual support desk, neural network models for personalized suggestions, virtual fitting rooms, fraud prevention

Convenience Store

Facial recognition, object classification for self-checkout, remote monitoring of employees and customers, automatic restocking, robotics for warehouse management

Grocery Stores

Computer Vision-controlled sorting of items, identification of damaged and rotten products, robotics for packaging and movement of goods, demand estimation, customer self-help kiosks, personalized promotions

Shopping Malls

AI-assisted surveillance, crowd management, parking assistance, planning of promotional space, interactive kiosks and signages

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