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Infuse intelligence and efficiency in remote medical care with AI/ML

Advancement in information technology, video imaging, and mobile devices enables the delivery of healthcare services at home or in a remote location. Telemedicine helped hospitals to free up resources for other on-premise procedures and face-to-face interactions with critical patients. It also has increased patient's convenience by eliminating wait time, travel time etc. Telemedicine is one of the newest industries to utilize AI widely. It will be simpler for physicians to assess, screen, and diagnose many illnesses remotely as AI's use in telemedicine grows. Usually, physicians take inputs from the patient for diagnosis.

But with Big Data processing, physicians diagnose with insights obtained from records of multiple patients with similar illness profile. Bots in Healthcare can offer motivational messages, appointment or medicine reminders, and health information for the elderly in their homes. AI integrated into wearable devices helps monitor patients' conditions in real-time and create alerts when anomalies are detected. Machine learning models process live video of patients captured by smartphone’s camera to take analyze patient’s pulse and the respiratory signal. Advancements in edge computing will enable real-time on-device analytics to identify and communicate critical health issues to physicians quickly.


Prescription Analyzer

NLP helps in extraction of key information like name, Doctor Registered ID, Medicine, Dosage, Time stamp automatically from prescriptions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

AI embedded Edge Devices will constantly analyze patient’s vital signs to alert physicians in case of emergencies.

Automated Diet Prescription

Besides doctor’s advices, AI can suggest food and other healthcare supplements that can be consumed based on patient records.

AI Chatbots

NLP combined with medical-AI to conduct the initial screening questions and to interpret a patient’s free-text responses.

Facial Recognition

AI system will evaluate Face images and accurately identify the medical condition reducing in person hospital visits.

AI-assisted Diagnosis

ML models for improved accuracy in diagnostics, understanding of physicians' methodologies for personalized guidance.

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