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AI as fuel.

Human Resources operations entail elaborate, intensive, and protracted exchange of information among multiple stakeholders—whether these are employees or external partners contracted to handle routine functions such as recruitment, payroll administration, benefits programs, insurance, or pensions. Most of the processes, managed in-house or outsourced, require cumbersome, time-consuming scrutiny of diverse documents and records. Modernization of these processes is critical to achieving business efficiency objectives.

AI-powered innovations can help businesses meet these compelling demands. At the recruitment stage, NLP-driven analysis of résumés speeds up the shortlisting of candidates. Interviews may be planned with automated schedulers.

Computer Vision prevents impersonation and fraud in video interviews while unearthing insights from the candidate’s reactions.

Employee onboarding becomes more streamlined with NLP-driven document processing. This is particularly valuable for gig-economy companies inducting thousands of people every month. Routine HR functions can be enhanced to achieve objective, AI-enabled performance assessments.

Human capital’s contribution to organizational success cannot be overstated. AI endows businesses with the right tools to get ahead with competent, results-driven HR processes.



NLP-powered analysis of résumés and social media profiles, automated interview scheduling, authentication of submitted credentials


Virtual assistants for personalized onboarding experiences, NLP-based auto-update of employee records from documents, smart digital forms for easier data capture


Chatbots for pre-screening, ML-driven interview planning for objective assessments, Computer Vision for fraud detection and for evaluating the candidate’s expressions and gestures in video interviews.

Learning and Development

Personalized training, mentoring, and assessment programs, creation of digital content and knowledge-base for self-learning

Performance Management

Automated collection of performance metrics, real-time analysis for immediate feedback, data-driven processes for bias-free appraisals

Workplace Safety

Computer Vision-aided monitoring of the workplace and safety equipment, preventive and predictive alerts, physical access control with facial recognition

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