Intelligent Document Processing


Documents form an integral part of routine business processes. The nature and scope may vary – supplier invoices in an SCM, bank statements for loan origination, or health records for insurance claims – yet, the overarching objective is to ensure fail-proof, data-backed decisions, driven by insights drawn from documents. As organizations grow, so do the volume, variety, and complexity of documents.

Quantrium’s Intelligent Document Processing solutions incorporate advanced ML, NLP, and Sentiment Analysis techniques. Each solution is designed, developed, and optimized to handle structured or unstructured data as mandated by the client’s needs. A robust, reliable, and future-proof architecture facilitates versatile, scalable, and hassle-free deployment.

Use Cases


Identification of vital information from customers’ documents for quick and risk-free underwriting

Consumer Goods

Content and sentiment analysis to interpret online reviews of products and services


Automated understanding of communication and processing of data from multiple health records and claim forms

Legal Services

Extraction of relevant data from a large number of laws, case reports, judgments, and opinions


Collection and organization of content for print and online media


Streamlined administration of records and correspondences to facilitate e-governance initiatives

What will our AI models learn from your documents?

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