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Market demands continually drive organizations to modernize their production and logistics capabilities. However, inefficiencies in the supply chain can be the “weak links” in the process, derailing those modernization plans. Resource optimization with robust, scientific, and rationalized material management and delivery strategies is vital for success. Efforts to improve supply workflows must meet the expectations of both internal stakeholders and customers, accelerate decision-making, and minimize production and logistics costs.

While technology is already transforming manufacturing operations with robotics and automation, a new generation of AI solutions facilitates the streamlining of supply and delivery tasks. Document intelligence with NLP simplifies the onboarding of suppliers and delivery partners. By extracting actionable insights from heterogeneous, unstructured data, AI-powered analytics refines demand forecasting and reduces wastage. Computer Vision-driven inspection ensures defect-free raw materials. Intelligent warehouse management and judicious route plans reduce delivery costs while ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicles.

AI opens up exciting possibilities, empowering businesses to upgrade their supply-chain systems for immediate and quantifiable benefits.


Warehouse Management

Optimized picking, slotting, and storage, inventory control, autonomous vehicles for stock movement, quality inspection

Logistics and Distribution

Demand forecasting and supply planning, automated processing of invoices and delivery notes, cost-effective route and vehicle management

Long-Haul Transportation

Routing decisions, monitoring of fleet movements, guidance and alerts on safe driving and fuel efficiency/consumption

Last-Mile Delivery

Intelligent control of shipments, travel time, and distance, blockchain-based transaction records, drones with vision capabilities

Specialty Logistics

Custom-built robots for hazardous locations or material, packaging and shipment of specialized products

Procurement/ Sourcing

Intelligent and automated processing of supplier and transporter documents, anomaly detection, cost analysis and optimization

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