Computer Vision

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Visual inspection of objects, images, or videos is a critical task that drives operational decisions in several industries. Manual scrutiny is a specialized exercise, calling for trained professionals laboring over countless photographs or endless video streams. Besides being strenuous, these processes take hours, days, or even months; errors creep in due to human limitations and fatigue; scaling up is difficult and expensive.

Conventional processes are too inefficient and inadequate to address today’s business expectations. Quantrium’s visual analysis solutions are powered by leading-edge Computer Vision techniques and are custom-built to address exact requirements. Engineered for assured performance and scalability, these solutions deliver the speed, accuracy, and consistency demanded by forward-thinking business leaders across industries.

Use Cases


Inventory checks, tracking of competitive promos, retail audits of planogram displays


Assessing the quality of raw materials and end-products; automating material handling

Life Sciences

Evaluating fungal infection in plants; monitoring of crops


Analysis of video of fishing activity to ensure sustainability

Disaster Management

Analysis of aerial footage of disaster-hit areas to assist quick relief operations

Supply Chain Management

Inventory and shipment tracking, warehouse management, quality control, monitoring of safe work practices.

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