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How can AI benefit your industry?


AI is an information revolution in the making. Today, every industry is trying to define potential applications or “use cases” of AI and implement purpose-built, best-of-breed solutions for these ‘use cases’. Toward this, businesses need to engage with technology partners with proven technical skills and profound/intimate knowledge of domain-specific processes. With its deep-tech expertise and diverse industry experience, Quantrium is a natural choice as an AI technology partner.

Quantrium’s team has a collective experience of over 150 years spanning multiple domains, industries, and technologies. Our high-precision AI, NLP, and Computer Vision solutions enable banks to accelerate loan approval processes by analyzing documents; healthcare and insurance industries to comprehend email, fax, and voice communications to make intelligent decisions; CPG companies to automate large-scale audit of retail stores; global conservation NGOs to monitor sustainable fishing practices; agri-science businesses to develop disease-resistant seeds through visual inspection of vegetables.

Our Capabilities

Quantrium’s team has decades of experience leveraging developments across the AI spectrum, employing advanced ML, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, NLP/NLU, Computer Vision, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Bioinformatics techniques. Our technical strengths are further reinforced by Quantrium Labs, where young engineers, and scientists seek ways to apply the latest technologies to create innovative problem-solving tools and methods.

Our Capabilities

The Quantrium Approach

Our meticulous approach ensures the success of the projects: we carry out an in-depth, comprehensive study of the client’s business models and unique processes. We identify the right technology building blocks to design the solution, test it with real-world data, and optimize the performance before deploying it.

Our flexible engagement models fulfill the operational needs of different industries. Roped in as an AI technology partner, we assume the role of the client’s extended dev team. Alternatively, we engage with the client on a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Data) model, wherein we build the platform working with the client’s data and problem statement.