Surefire security,
powered by AI.

The safeguarding of resources, assets, people, or the borders of the nation demands uncompromising approaches. For security professionals, the challenges get more daunting every day. Predictive and preemptive measures need to be constantly reinvented as threats----physical or digital----shapeshift and multiply. And when the situations are unforeseeable, ensuring agility for swift and effective responses is vital.

A new generation of AI-inspired innovations makes all these possible. Computer Vision revolutionizes monitoring and surveillance capabilities. Face recognition and advanced biometric techniques enforce robust control of physical access.

AI reinforces real-world combat and policing strategies, unearthing insights from multiple data points for reliable decisions. Training programs benefit from Machine Learning-driven simulation techniques.

It’s equally critical to neutralize threats in the digital ecosystem. Advanced algorithms can detect and block malicious attacks on IT infrastructure. AI models improve the precision and efficacy of bioinformatics and forensic analyses. With NLP, communications and social media posts can be deciphered quickly and accurately to spot possible criminal intent.

The new era of secure living is here. And it’s driven by AI.


Physical Security

Facial and biometric recognition, access control, object detection and classification

Social Media Analytics

NLP-powered analysis of posts, identification of images and videos for emerging-threat detection

Combat Training

Personalized training programs, realistic, risk-free simulation, unbiased evaluation of performance


24x7 monitoring of devices and applications, ML-driven understanding of threats, vulnerability audits.

Law Enforcement

Facial recognition, behavioral analytics, robotic patrolling, forensic and crime research

Homeland Security

Surveillance through drones and autonomous aerial/terrestrial vehicles, biometrics and NLP-powered document intelligence for immigration control

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