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Over the last decade, IT-driven initiatives have significantly transformed the banking and financial services industry, digitizing, re-engineering, and reimagining routine operations such as financial transactions and accounting practices. With these primary objectives fulfilled, the focus has shifted to achieving higher operational efficiency through data-driven business decisions.

Several factors impede efficiency, but almost all of them are characterized by the limitations of manual work. Document processing, which pervades multiple functions, is heavily dependent on human effort. Customer authentication, onboarding, and servicing workflows are cramped by slow and imprecise analysis of records.

Customer engagement models are ill-equipped to understand customer needs and develop targeted solutions.

AI comprehensively addresses these challenges. Computer Vision and NLP facilitate intelligent document processing; identity verification becomes foolproof with image forensics; chatbots and AI-driven analytics offer personalized service and actionable insights. New, exciting applications are envisioned and created every day, incorporating industry-specific data security, privacy, and resilience requirements while conforming to regulatory mandates. The wide-ranging possibilities unlocked by AI technologies are indeed steering financial businesses into a new age.


Consumer Banking

KYC automation, loan origination, multi-lingual chatbots for personalized support, analytical insights for cross-selling and upselling

General Insurance

Underwriting, fraud prevention, automated registration and processing of claims, chatbots for customer support

Life Insurance

Customer profiling from documents and social media presence; upselling; automated quote generation; faster claims evaluation and settlement; chatbots

Corporate Banking

Due diligence and creditworthiness analysis through scrutiny of complex documents, continuous assessment and proactive alerts on potential defaults


Trading advice with automated analysis of annual reports, earnings calls, market sentiment, and non-quantifiable changes in the industry

Investment Banking and Mutual Funds

Portfolio optimization, risk minimization, transaction cost reduction, algo-trading, regulatory compliance

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