Data Analytics

Richer, Faster
and Deeper
Insights with AI

Constantly evolving business needs demand newer approaches to analyzing data. With the advent of big data, ever-increasing computing power, explosion in low-cost storage, ever-larger RAM, and more sophisticated statistical techniques, data analytics has come a long way. Today, finding patterns, if any, even in unstructured data is routine work for algorithms.

That said, many data-analytics tasks must be undertaken manually by data scientists. These include data pre-processing, feature engineering (dimensionality reduction), rules pruning, model selection, ensemble learning, and data visualization.

Enter AI, which offers the ability to automate all of these tasks accurately and with a high level of confidence. Quantrium’s data-intelligence solutions combine bespoke AI/ML capabilities with rigorous analytics to tackle the toughest data-mining challenges. Every solution is custom-designed based on clients' business objectives, analytical needs, data configuration and in-house capabilities. This allows clients to extract knowledge faster and generate insights that are richer and deeper. Experience AI-enabled analytics ─ the next frontier in data intelligence.

Use Cases

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

Production planning, logistics management

Automation Strategy

Determination of bottlenecks and target processes for automation

Product Management

Competitive analysis, segmentation, market research, quality analysis

Customer Service

Intelligence from CRM data, CSAT results, sentiment analysis of social media posts and reviews

Cross-selling and Upselling

Identification of opportunities from customer purchase patterns, needs, and expectations with peer group analysis

Financial Planning and Control

In-depth scrutiny of revenue streams and overheads, optimization strategies, custom reports, and visualization

How can AI-led analytics enhance your business decisions?

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